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A Guide To Chè In Saigon

You may have wandered around Saigon, passing by stores or pushcart stalls selling plastic containers filled with multi-coloured beans, nuts, and other things you can’t really identify at first glance.

Some of them look soupy, some look like pudding; some are hot and some are cold; and some contain basil seeds that look like little frog eggs which can be a pretty fascinating sight for some. However, they all fall into the same category: they’re all Vietnamese desserts called chè.

This guide will not show you top sights seeing or something to do in this city, just introduce what you will see on Saigon street and make you confused.

The Ones With Jelly

These particular versions of chè are jelly-based, with secondary ingredients thrown into the mix and can be found almost anywhere in Saigon. Agar agar, which is a popular southeast Asian speciality is the main ingredient for chè thạch.

The Ones That Look Like Dumplings

Chè bột lọc is a type of sweet dumpling made using small cassava and sealed with rice flour. It is usually served with coconut milk which contains small pieces of tapioca for an added crunch.

The Ones That Are Fruity

Just like most desserts in southeast Asia, you can find varieties of chè made from, or containing fruits. One of the most popular, and delicious offerings would be chè hoa quả which contains a mixture of fruits like apple, pear, mango, lychee, pineapple and watermelon and is served with milk, yoghurt and syrup.

For the more adventurous, you can look for chè mít, made from jackfruit and if you want to really test yourself, chè sầu riêng, which is made from durian and is actually really tasty.

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The Ones That Are Just a Combination of Everything

Chè thập cẩm, also known as ten-ingredient sweet soup is probably the poster boy of chè in Vietnam, in the sense that it’s one of the most popular forms of chè in the country. Azuki beans, black-eyed peas, lotus seeds, mung beans, coconut and trân châu (those little black balls in bubble tea), form the chewables in a concoction that includes syrup, milk and ice cream.

Where Can You Get Them?

If you’re looking for some really good ones recommended by locals, you can try one of these following establishments.

Chè Thanh Tâm

They serve Chinese-style chè and is popular among locals for their reasonable pricing and quality of their ingredients. Their black sesame chè is one of their bestsellers.

Chè Thái Ý Phương

This place is known for their chè thái and chè sầu riêng which locals believe is one of the best in the city. Located in District 10, the establishment is often used as a late-night chill out spot by locals.

Let’s come here and enjoy for your best experience.


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