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Famous Siem Reap Food

Cambodia is not only famous for the Buddist temple and Angkok Wats, but also well-known for its original cuisine. Let travel with us and point out food must eat in a beautiful in Northwestern of Cambodia-Siem Reap.

  1. Prahok - distinctive feature of Cambodia cuisine

To make prahok, first of all, the locals will process the fish and expose fish to the sun for a day then mix with all of the spice and keep this mixture in a jar for several months. Prahok is able to eat when it become pasty and the color turn gray with a specific smell. This food is a traditional food of Cambodian as well as a spice to put into broth of some noodles soup. There are many places for trying it: Khmer Family Restaurant or Chanrea Dom Makara restaurant.

  1. Amok- outstanding dish of Khmer’s cuisine

Foreign tourists say that Amok has a eye-catching look because it is served in a fresh coconut or sometime it is wrapped in banana leaf with the coconut cream on top. Amok is actually a thick yellow curry and the locals usually use catfish or white fish as the main ingredient of amok. Besides, the spices that come along with fish in this dish is also the key of amok’s unique flavor. Though every family here has their own recipe for this special food, the indispensable spices are garlic, satl, prahok, brown sugar, lemongrass, galangal, chili paste and coconut milk. You can also enjoy amok with rice. Khmer Kitchen or Amok restaurant are famous addresses to taste it.

  1. Bamboo Sticky Rice –unforgettable taste

Rice is a main food in every meal of every family in the Southeast Asian nations and normally people don’t pay much attention to this flat and vapid food. However, bamboo sticky rice in Cambodia will make you change your mind at first try. Bamboo sticky rice is absolutely cooked in bamboo sections about 30 centimeters in length. In the next step, Cambodian mix sticky rice-a special rice grown in Cambodia with black eye peas and a little bit of salt then they stuff up those bamboo sections with this mixture. Finally they add the coconut water in these bamboo sections and grill it directly on the coal for an hour. The secret of good bamboo sticky rice is you have to revolve the bamboo sections while grilling. You will never forget the fresh taste of coconut together with the savory taste of sticky rice, peas and salt in this dish. You can easily find it at Old Market Area.

Siem Reap, Cambodia is a great tropical food destination that attracts a lot of attention from visitors, especially western visitors. There is no enough time for you to taste all dishes in Siem Riep but some good popular dishes that every visitor should try when you are here and there are still more you may find somewhere in this city.

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