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Top Things To Do In Shanghai

Shanghai, China's largest and most prosperous city, exudes an atmosphere of self-confidence and vitality. For those reasons alone it's worth a visit, even though the city isn't exactly brimming with sightseeing venues. Below are the top things you should do in Shanghai.

1.Bird's-eye view the city from the World Financial Center

The fifth tallest building in the world competes with the Oriental Pearl TV Tower for greatest elevated views in the Shanghai metropolitan. Although you can view the scenery from various floors, make sure to go to the world's highest observatory - The Sky Walk - on the 100th floor where you can see the Chinese metropolis from 474m (1,555 feet) above the ground. Witnessing sunset/sunrise from this observatory is recommended.

2.Sit inside a revolving restaurant at The Oriental Pearl TV Tower

Not only do you get to enjoy sitting inside a revolving hotel in this revered  and outstanding land mark, but you also get to see Shanghai metropolis from a "Space Module" - the highest observatory level set at 350 meters (1,148 feet) above the ground. The attractive building has 3 legs, 11 spheres and 15 observatory levels. Get to know the city via the various artifacts exhibited at the Shanghai Municipal History Museum located in this building.

3.Enjoy green spaces at Yuyuan Garden

Not far from the Bund, Yuyuan is the most revered and the only surviving Ming Dynasty garden in Shanghai.

It has become a city highlight due to its beautiful scenery, characterized by decorated bridges, colorful pagodas and intimate enclaves separated by "dragon walls" - partitions with dragon decorations on top.It had been one of Song Emperor Huizong's private collection, is definitely worth seeing.

4.Enjoy exhibits at Shanghai Museum

Located on the People's Square near Nanjing Road, the "glassy" Shanghai Museum has a large collection of rare cultural relics - over 120,000 pieces. An example of artifacts include over 400 beautifully decorated bronzes. Some exhibits have English descriptions, including the Ancient Ceramics, Ancient Bronzes, and Ancient Sculptures.

5.Take a ride on the Maglev - the world's fastest train

A ride in the Maglev train from Pudong Airport to the city center is a perfect way to feel super-modern Shanghai.

At 431 kph (270mph, twice the speed of a theme park roller coaster), this air-conditioned, super-clean, magnetically-levitated train covers 30 km (19 miles) in only 8 minutes, though you hardly feel you're moving!

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