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Travel Guide To Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon is economic metropolis of South Vietnam. This is used to be called “pearl of Indochina” for its prosperity in the past. Nowadays, Ho Chi Minh City is the very attractive destination in Southest Asia. The city is mixed with various culture as people from surrounding migrates here and settle down reflects through their gastronomy, lifestyle, architecture and many more. Let’s go to discover it little by little.

What to see and do ?

Visiting historical and architectural sites

Independence palace, Notre-dame cathedral basilica of Saigon, Saigon central post office, Saigon opera house, Ben Thanh market, Binh Tay market and so on are typical historical sites with little bit of French and modern construction style for people who are interested in.

City panoramic view from coffee shops on Bitexco skyscrapers, Chill Sky bar or Shri.

Backpackers or travellers streets is put the name like that because those streets of Pham Ngu Lao, Bui Vien, De Tham… provide several service for foreign travellers.

Check out food streets and lively night life of Saigon in District 1 with Ben Thanh street food market, Coco 5 or “Xom Nha La”, coffee at Apartment 42 on Nguyen Hue street or simply just walking around Nguyen Hue walking street…

It’s easy to travel to outskirt of Saigon to Can Gio, Cu Chi, My Tho to enjoy the countryside style of South Vietnam if you can’t spend time further to Mekong Delta area.

If you love to have fun on the beach, Vung Tau is suitable and not so far from Ho Chi Minh City (nearly 100km).

Sai gon also has several religious and cultural sites, water puppet show, lots of museums, old buildings and small hustle local markets. It would be a miss if you visit Saigon and not enjoy street food. Iced coffee is typical drink for all types of people in Saigon, Hu Tieu, banh trang nuong, banh trang tron, bot chien, pha lau… are few things you can find anywhere else in Vietnam but only by sitting down on a sidewalk and enjoy it, you are able to taste the exact flavors of these dishes.

When to go?

Ho Chi Minh City has two seasons: rainy season from May to November and dry season from December to April. In rain season, the city might get flood some days so it’s hard to travel around. Dry season would have some days really hot so you need to be aware for making a best trip.

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