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Thailand Travel: Your Complete Guide

Thailand is the travel hub of Southeast Asia. With its lush jungles, famed beaches, world-class diving, amazing food, friendly and cheap prices, Thailand is by far my favorite country in the world. It’s an easy country to travel and you can meet a lot of other people there. It’s a well-worn destination on the backpacking trail and everything is convenient and easy. Come and go to find a ticket of cheap flights to Thailand.

Top things to see and do in Thailand

  1. Visit Bangkok to have chance to explore temples, palaces, amazing markets, shops. It’s one of the craziest nightlife scenes city in the worlda nd famous for Thai food.
  2. Adventure around Chiangmai, an old city filled with temples, food markets, expecially, enjoy chill atmosphere here. It’s a good launching pad for jungle treks into the area and there is a nearby elephant sanctuary.
  3. Throw water during Songkrang: during April 13-15th yearly, the Thai will celebrate Thai New Year by holding an enormous, three-day water fight. Songkranis meant to wash away the old and begin the year anew.

Typical costs


It’s not difficult to find a cheap place, though the north is far cheaper than Bangkok and the southern islands. For lowest budget, guesthouses or basic bungalows will be wise advises. Dorm rooms, widespread throughout the country, range from 100-150 THB per night or hotels at higher price.


Speaking of street food, don’t be afraid to eat it. It’s really cheap and safe , Thai people are always packed in the food stalls each day. You’ll find the best of Thailand’s food on the street and it will cost you a fraction of what you pay at a restaurant.


Day tours cost 500-1,200 THB depending on the activity.  Jungle trekking  costs 1,000-1,685 THB per day. Take advantage of bargaining power if you go with a group because as a non-Thai, you’ll always pay a higher rate. Besides, you can visit parks and national museums or take A PADI dive certification course to enjoy your trip best.


Like everything in Thailand, transportation is also cheap.  Local buses is cheapest, the following is Metro and Skytrain in Bangkok. Metered taxi rides taxi rides and Tuk-tuks are generally more expensive, costing 100-235 THB per ride. It’s often better to get a bus package then pay for them separately.

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