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Living In Cambodia, One Of The World’s Most Emotional Countries

GDP may be used to measure a country's economy, but it doesn’t tell you what it’s like to live in a certain place. To address the intangible factors that make up a country and its people, which covers 148 countries, based on the latest report, Latin America holds the majority of the world's most emotional countries with Cambodia in the top 10. A trip to this country will deepen your appreciation for the human condition, come to Cambodia, come see it all!

The reason why Cambodia is one of the world's most emotional countries ?

Residents of Cambodia explain what it’s like to live in a highly expressive culture. Historical trauma has left its mark on Cambodia, with many residents still remembering the genocidal reign of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rogue, when more than 20% of the country's population was killed. Though the associated emotions can still feel fresh even 40 years later, residents don't always share those feelings easily.

Cambodians are very emotional people, but many people, especially the elder generations, have learnt to hide their real emotions. They can't explain or express those emotions to outsiders or the public.

Despite this heavy psychological toll, residents are extremely friendly and welcoming to outsiders. The first thing you’ll notice upon arrival in Cambodia is the friendliness of the people who call it home. How easily Cambodians smile, especially when compared to people of other nationalities, their giant smiles, respectful greetings (known as Sampeah) and hospitality are infectious. The locals were always willing to make jokes and invite outsiders to places and events. They laugh and even lock arms together and dance at bars and clubs, always animated with lots of energy. There’s no doubt the people of Cambodia will make your travel more fulfilling.

The main values in Cambodia                                                                                        

The culture of Cambodia has been heavily influenced by the religions of the people living in the country. It has developed from the amalgamation of the Hindu, Buddhist, and indigenous cultures that are prevalent in the region. Overall, the Khmer cultural practices vary greatly in the rural and urban areas. Most Cambodians will try to avoid aggression and confrontation Cambodia is definitely a place where you learn to take a more relaxed approach to life -keep smiling and you will get a lot more done. This buddhist influence can also cause many Khmers to seem fatalistic about their lot in life. In the cities, the influence of the Western world can be easily observed in the lifestyle of the Cambodians residing there.

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