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Safety Procedures

We would like to familiarize you with some of the safety regulations and equipment of our aircraft. Even if you are a regular air traveler,
lease take note of these important safety requirements.

1. Non-smoking
Please note that our flights are non-smoking. Smoking is not allowed at any time, any where in the cabin.

2. Seating
Your seat number is printed on your boarding pass. Please take the indicated seat.

3. Baggage
Your carry-on baggage must be stowed underneath the seat in front of you, or in the overhead bins. Please take care when opening
these bins in-flight or after landing, as some items might have shifted during take-off or landing. Hand baggage must not obstruct the
aisles or the emergency exits.

4. Use of Electronic Devices
You are not allowed to use mobile phones, pagers, radio receivers, and transmitters on the aircraft. These devices might interfere with
the aircraft navigation instruments. They must be switched off until you are in the ground terminal. Other portable electronic devices are
not allowed to be used during take-off or landing.

5. Requirements during Take-off/Landing
For take-off and landing, please ensure that your seatback is in the up-right position, your tray-table, footrest, personal monitor and your
personal items are stowed, and that all portable electronic devices are switched off  and that your seatbelt is fastened.

6. Use of Seat Belt
There are seatbelt signs visible throughout the cabin. Whenever these signs are switched on, please fasten your seatbelt. This is done
by pushing the flat end into the buckle until you hear a click. To tighten the belt, pull the free end until it fits comfortably. To loosen it, pull
back the release catch and adjust the buckle end. To unfasten it, lift the metal tab of the buckle. For your own safety, we recommend that
you keep your seatbelt fastened throughout the flight. Seatbelts for infants and extensions are available, if required. Please ask your
cabin crew.

7. Use of Oxygen Mask
If the cabin pressure in this aircraft fails, oxygen masks in the cabin and toilets will drop automatically from the ceiling. Please remain in
your seat, reach up and firmly pull the mask down to activate the oxygen flow. Place the mask over your nose and mouth and breathe
normally while securing the elastic band around your head. Only when your mask is secured, should you assist children or fellow

8. EXIT light signs and Emergency exits
There are emergency exits in the cabin. EXIT light signs are located in the ceiling at each exit area and door frame. Please take a few
seconds to familiarize yourself with the nearest exit. Should the evacuation be necessary, remove all high-heeled shoes. Leave all your
luggage behind and move as quick as possible to the nearest exit. Jump onto the escape slide, and once you have reached the bottom,
move away quickly.

9. Emergency Lights
In the event of emergency, the escape path marking lights will come on to guide you to the exits.

10. Use of life jacket when on-water landing
Should the landing on water happen, please take note of the following: there is a life jacket stored in a pouch underneath or between
seats. In case of water evacuation, remove the life jacket from the pouch, put it over your head and tie the tapes firmly around your waist.
Do not inflate it while you are inside the aircraft. The life jacket must only be inflated by pulling down the red tag sharply, when you are at
the exit. It can also be manually inflated by blowing air into the mouthpiece. A light and a whistle are attached to the jacket for attraction.
Special life jacket for small children is available on board the aircraft.

11. Brace for Impact
Should the aircraft have to make an emergency landing, a command “Brace for impact, Brace for impact” will be announced then “Heads
down, Heads down” shouted by the cabin crew. Right after that, you should adopt the brace position as shown, and stay there until the
aircraft comes to a complete stop.

12. Safety Instruction Card
Please study the safety instruction card located in the seat pocket in front of you for more details.


In accordance with the current applicable Law and General conditions of Carriage for Passengers and Baggage,  Cambodia Angkor Air reserve the right to refuse Carrige Passenger and/or  Baggage in the following cases:

Carrier may refuse carriage of any passenger and/or its passenger's baggage for reasons of safety or if, in the exercise of its reasonable discretion, Carrier determines that:

(a) such action is necessary in order to comply with any applicable laws, regulations or orders of any state or country to be flown from, into or over; or
(b) The conduct, age, or mental or physical state of the passenger is such as to:

     • Require special assistance of Carrier, or 
     • cause discomfort or make himself objectionable to other passengers, or 
     • involve any hazard or risk to himself or to other persons or to property; or
     • transmit epidemic diseases

(c) Such action is necessary because the passenger has failed to observe the instructions of Carrier; or
(d) The passenger has refused to submit to a security check; or
(e) The applicable fare or any charges or taxes payable have not been paid, or credit arrangements agreed between Carrier and the passenger (or the person paying for the ticket) have not been complied with; or
(f) The passenger does not appear to be properly documented, or
(g) The passenger may with or without cause be refused entry into any country to be flown from, into or over, or
(h) The ticket presented by the passenger:

     • has been acquired unlawfully or has been purchased from an entity other than the issuing Carrier or its Authorized Agent, or
     • has been reported as being lost or stolen, or 
     • is a counterfeit ticket, or 
     • any flight coupon has been altered by anyone other than Carrier or its Authorized Agent, or has been mutilated; or
     • The person presenting the ticket cannot prove that he is the person named in the “Name of passenger” box.

Carrier reserves the right to retain such ticket in such anycase.

Limitation on Carriage

Carrier will endeavor to make special arrangements for the carriage of ill or incapacitated persons, and for unaccompanied  children, and pregnant women may be subject to prior arrangement with Carrier, in accordance with Carrier’s Regulation.

Sihanoukville Guide


Ream National Park

Ream national Park was declared a protected area in 1993 by royal decree because of its national, scientific, educational and recreational values. It’s situated approximately 18km east of Sihanoukville.


Ochheuteal Beach

Ochheuteal Beach is the most active beach in Sihanoukville and very popular with travelers and weekenders alike. Thatch-roofed seafood shacks and beach bars line the  sand  from  one end of Ochheuteal to the other. Next to it is “Serendipity beach” which is especially popular with budget travelers.


Otres Beach

Otres Beach is the next beach south of Ochheuteal and in many way resembles Ochheuteal. The road over the hill form Ochheuteal (through Queen Hill Resort) allows easy access to Otres Beach and is relatively new. Otres beach is largely undeveloped and often more secluded than the other tourist beaches of Sihanoukville. There are scattered grass umbrellas along the beach and few thatch roof beach bars and restaurants clustered toward near the end.


Independence Beach

Independence Beach is a white sandy beach named after the 7-storey Independence Hotel in the area. The Independence Beach is calm and quiet and the perfect place to relax.


Hawaii Beach

Hawaii Beach is peppered by thatched roofed eateries and cafés and has always been quite popular.


Sokha Beach

Sokha Beach Resort takes up and blocks off of Sokha Beach as a private for their hotel residents. However, a small part of this stretch of beach is still open to public. Visitors who want to spend a day on the private, uncrowded shoreline can do so by paying a small fee. The fee also includes use of Sokha Resort’s pools and facilities.


Victory Beach

At over two kilometers, Victory beach is quite long but it is divided into two by a rocky point and a small hill. The section of Victory Beach that contains the Vietnam-Cambodia Monument (Victory Monument) is popular because it is a bit quieter and more relaxed than Ochheuteal Beach and there are a few food beach bars and restaurants right on the sand. Victory Beach is a particularly good beach from which to view sunsets.


Lomherkay Beach

Lomherkay Beach is also known s “Hawaii Beach, King’s Beach, South Channel Beach.” Like the other major beaches, Lomherkay Beach is lined with umbrellas and chairs and little beach shack bars and seafood restaurants, though nowhere near as densely as Ochheuteal. Lomherkay Beach is get a bit less tourists than Ochheuteal and Serendipity beaches. Access the beach from the small rod at the southern end.


Kbal Chhay Waterfall

The Kbal Chhay Waterfall, approximately 16km from downtown Sihanoukville on national road 4, gives visitors a little taste of paradise. The 14m high waterfalls were discovered in 1960 and developed into a source of fresh water for Sihanoukville in 1998. It has definitely emerged as a favorite among local and foreign visitors.

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Country Information


Passport Exemptions:

  • Holders of documents issued to stateless persons and refugees.

Document Validity:

  • Passport and/or passport replacing documents must be valid at least 6 months on arrival.
  • Nationals of Cambodia may enter with passports valid on arrival.
  • Those residing in Cambodia can enter with travel documents valid on arrival.
  • Confirm that Italian passport (page 4 or 5) is valid for travel outside of the EU.

Admission and Transit Restrictions:

  • Return/onward ticket is required for nationals of Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia,
    Sri Lanka and Sudan.